"Fall in Love with You" Testimonials

Prior to enrolling in “Fall in Love with You” program, I was overworked, overwhelmed and losing steam. In addition to having a fairly stressful workload in the spring semester at my work place, I was also undergoing several personal life transitions and a few financial crises that were impeding on my abilities to remain calm and positive and strategically problem-solve to not fall behind monetarily or off balance mental-emotionally. It was the lowest point I had hit in my life in over a decade, and I was starting to believe I had no way out of what had become an emotionally miserable and exhausting situation.

I decided to take a chance and enroll in the program, when I truly felt the lowest in all aspects of life. I was fortunate enough to know that therapy had worked for me in the past, and thus very willing to give this a try. The transformation that unfolded was one of the deepest and most uplifting I’ve had and needed.

Working with Amanda, I was able to hone in on the emotional tolls of my life experiences at the time and gain a better understanding of where my life was going, how and why I got to where I was, and my emotional health behind it all.

Together, we got to the core of my experiences and mental-emotional hurdles each week, isolated every factor, and came up with action steps to combat the negative energies that had filled my well-being. I didn’t just look forward to working with her each week for relief; I looked forward to it because she cared about my healing as much as I did.

The program truly turned my life around; after those three months, I have filled my daily routine with action steps, coping strategies when something tries to knock me down or impede my progress, and I’ve really taken back control of my mental-emotional health. More importantly, working with Amanda has changed how I see my world and my part in it. I don’t just navigate my life better; I live it better – because I understand it better.

The action steps that came out of “Fall in Love with You” program weren’t just tasks to get through in the three months we worked together; for me, they have become of how I live my life now. I have a better understanding of who I am and why I do what I do, who I want to be and how I get there, and I love that about the me that Amanda helped me rediscover.

I strongly encourage folks to take the leap and enroll in the “Fall in Love with You” program you’ll be happily surprised by the results and a better version of you for it.

~~~ Tonja N. ~~~

"Reprogram Your Subconscious Beliefs" Testimonials

I participated in a hypnotherapy session with Amanda, and I'm very glad that I did! I was intrigued to hear about her hypnotherapy sessions and wanted to try it out since I had never done hypnotherapy before. Amanda was very engaging, positive, friendly, and resourceful during the whole process. I highly recommend if you are going through a stressful and/or unclear time in your life, like I am. The hypnotherapy Amanda provided helped and continues to help me with my anxiety.
~~ Zoe Dubin ~~
Hypnotherapy. The experience was a new one for me. I enjoyed myself and found more benefits than just the one I requested. I have noticed that I have, absolutely decreased smoking. Even on a subconscious level. A friend remarked that she noticed I smoked less in our video chats.
A side benefit that when I do the exercises at night I will sleep much better than normal. This was a surprise delight!
~~ Tiffany Guriel ~~
The hypnotherapy session I had with Amanda Lee Coaching was definitely an experience that helped me re-establish peace in my mental-emotional health. Since the session, I’ve been able to better manage stress, fear and a healthy mindset.
~~ Tonja N. ~~

"Reprogram Your Body Legacy" Testimonials

I signed up for Amanda's Reprogram Your Body Legacy, and I am so happy I did! Amanda is such an amazing coach! She is positive, full of knowledge, and I just love her vibe. I felt so comfortable and understood! I had many moments of clarity during the session, and the hypnosis at the end was just beautiful and life changing. I love that Amanda taught me how to do self-hypnosis, so I can continue the work by myself! In the days after our session I have felt so calm and grounded, and I feel a new love for myself and my body. I can highly recommend Amanda for anyone who wants to learn about themselves and see real change in their lives!
~~ Elisabeth I B ~~