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About Amanda Lee

Welcome, beautiful people!

My name is Amanda Lee, and I am the founder of Amanda Lee Coaching and a Self-Confidence Coach and Hypnotherapist-in-Training. I am so excited that you’re here. I created Amanda Lee Coaching to be a haven for people who are craving nourishment of their minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. It’s a place filled with tremendous love, optimism, openness, and support, but it is also a place where we can stretch ourselves and be ready to take the inspired and intentional action that is necessary for transformation and expansion of the self.

How can you be sure that this is the right place for you?

I created Amanda Lee Coaching to do all of those things and more. I love digging deep into clients’ mindsets—focusing on their shadow side, their spiritual energy, their willingness to stand up for themselves, their self-worth, and how they think, feel, and see themselves at their core—and then helping them shift to a more empowered perspective. I love helping clients to identify and reframe their unhealthy belief systems and maladaptive behaviors to achieve their desired goals and life experiences through nourishing activities, supportive understanding, and gentle expansion.

I’m all about nourishing the mind, body, spirit, and heart and finding the right balance for my clients. Each day is a new day, and when we fill our lives with the things that excite us and nourish every part of ourselves, we can live as our best selves.

Some of the areas of focus that I love to work with clients on are body image, self-love and self-worth, and tapping into one’s personal strength. I teach my clients to see themselves as powerful, magical beings. I teach my clients how to see how beautiful they are in so many ways. I teach my clients how to tap into their gut wisdom and intuition. I teach my client how to fully transform how they see themselves in this world. I also love using holistic, natural, and spiritual tools in my work with clients.

Who am I?

You may be curious about who I am? My background is in mental health. Since the beginning, I have been fascinated with the mind and emotional experience of people. I studied psychology and sociology at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and then went on to study my master’s in marriage and family therapy from La Salle University. I’ve worked with couples, families, individuals, children, and adolescents in a variety of modalities with a variety of mental and emotional health concerns.

I found that as much as I loved helping clients, I hated having to adhere to insurance companies and giving clients diagnoses. I didn’t want to focus on solving a problem, but instead on focusing on choices and solutions. Plus, insurance companies aren’t always fans of using crystals and oracle cards in sessions with clients. 

As my own spiritual and personal development transitioned into something I was in alignment with, I decided to transition away from the more traditional mental health and therapy world and into the world of coaching and hypnotherapy. That allowed me the opportunity to branch out and study a number of energetic and metaphysical healing mediums. I am also certified in a number of these mediums and in the process of completing a few certification programs. 

My approach to coaching and working with clients:

When I work with clients, I operate from a systemic world view. This means, that I operate through the assumption that everything interconnected. We are interconnected with our families, friends, community, and the greater world. We experience a ripple effect in our own interactions with the world and people around us, because they then interact with other people in their immediate world, who then interact with other people, and so on.

I also believe in the interconnectedness of our own well-being. Our whole is not just the sum of our parts. Each thing is intrenched in everything else that we do. Or, as it is commonly said via my health/life coaching training from HCI, “how we do one thing, we do all things.” Each major area of our lives influences other areas of our lives—what we do, say, think, feel, and believe.

When I work with clients, I incorporate that interconnectedness into my work with them. Regardless of our original goal and reason for working together, I make sure that we also look at how they see themselves and relate to all the major areas of their lives . Because our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about our relationships, health, careers and personal development, finances, and spirituality are
interconnected, our work together must be all-encompassing.

I love to incorporate natural and holistic tools in my work with clients. In my work with clients, I utilize hypnosis and meditation, journal prompts, make crystal recommendations, share oracle readings and tarot readings, recommend essential oils that might be beneficial during our journey together, and incorporate other nourishing activities that my clients can use and thrive with.

I am a solution-focused coach. I believe you have the solutions within you. In the same way that you know what doesn’t work for you, you know what will work for you. My job isn’t to find solutions for you, but instead to help you discover your own solutions for yourself. I help you create choices and opportunities. Some of you might even know right away what your solutions are, but you’re seeking accountability to make sure that you follow through. Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there. And, at times, I’m still there.

I am here to support and stretch you, my darlings. When I work with clients, we take small steps on our journey for transformation. Change can be frightening and uncomfortable, and it is important that we take manageable steps to make the process easier and smoother

Who am I outside of Amanda Lee Coaching?

I love to practice what I preach! I love journaling, meditating, doing self-hypnosis, using crystals and tarot/oracle cards, and essential oils are my jam. I like to write novels and short stories, and I plan on publishing a novel one day. I love to bake and cook. I’m vegan, so I enjoy experimenting with plant-based recipes and foods. I love to read, watch movies and television shows to relax and unwind, and I love listening to music. I have a lot of feelings, so artists that tell a story with their music are my favorites to listen to. Some of the other ways I like to slow down and relax are to paint or play computer games, like the Sims, or old-school N64 games, like MarioKart.

I am an empath, so I feel everything. I am an introvert, so a lot of my self-care and healing is internally-focused. Energetic boundaries are especially important for me. I am self-development obsessed. I love learning, growing, and evolving. I crave knowledge. I will be the first to admit that my thirst for knowledge and understanding can be one of my biggest downfalls—it kicks my perfectionism into overdrive!

I am a daughter and a sister, and I love my family tremendously. They are incredibly important to me. We are animal-obsessed in my family, as well. I have dog-siblings, dog nieces and nephews, and I am a dog-mom to the most incredible Miniature Pinscher in the world. Izzy has her own Instagram, friends! I sometimes tag her on my own social media posts, as well.

So, that is all you need to know about me and this community. If you want to join in and sign up for email reminders for when I make new blog posts or add new ways to work with me, do so below.

Love and light, my beauties.